WBLO presentation and organization

WBLO is an independent organization that has their own trademark and an independent website (www.wblo.net).
WBLO website is linked with WSLO , ESLO and could also be linked to all the lingual orthodontic societies website.
The purpose of the Board is to enhance the standards of lingual orthodontic treatment throughout the world by providing a unified standard against which Orthodontists who desire can be judged, independently of national examinations.
All the national lingual orthodontic societies could apply WBLO case presentation requirements to their national Model Display Active Membership. This will help their affiliates to enhance their case presentations, when they apply to join their own national lingual orthodontic societies. These presentations could also be used at a later time in their application to the WBLO.
WBLO membership is only an honorific title, and would indicate that the orthodontist has demonstrated clinical excellence in lingual orthodontic treatment. WBLO does not have any legal value.
All WBLO members will have the right to use on cards, letterheads, directories and announcements the designation "Member of the World Board of Lingual Orthodontists".
WBLO examination sessions will be held at all WSLO meetings.
Examination sessions can also be held during ESLO meetings and any International Lingual Orthodontic Meeting.
In this case, the WBLO Examination Committee should be invited to attend the meeting and organize the examination session.

Each organizing group will be responsible for covering expenses of the WBLO examining members invited to take part.
The Board Examination Committee will be composed of the President and at least 3 examiners . The examination committee will be in charge for 4 (four) years from the date of election. If necessary, additional examiners will be named, in relation to the number of participants for any specific session. The Board Examination Committee will be named collegially by the WBLO assembly, that will be held during the WSLO meeting. All the examiners must have already submitted their cases to the WBLO and passed the examination (certified).
At the 3rd WSLO Congress held in Buenos Aires (2009) the founding of the WBLO was discussed. 9 Candidates to be the founding members of the WBLO were chosen. They will present the 8 cases required by the WBLO bylaws before next year's ESLO Congress in London. The WBLO will be founded after the ESLO Congress by all candidates whose case studies have been found to be of a sufficiently high standard. This initial evaluation will be carried out by Dr. Lorenzo Moser, former president of the EBO.
The first regular examination for WBLO membership will be held at the fourth WSLO Congress which will be held in Osaka in April 2010.
All orthodontist who become WBLO certified members are eligible to become part of the board examination committee.
The case presentation standard requested by WBLO is the same as any international orthodontic board (European Board and / or American Board ) in order to keep a high standard and to be recognized internationally by WFO ( Word Federation of Orthodontics).
The guide to prepare for the examination of the WBLO was inspired from the: "European Board Of Orthodontists. An illustrated guide to prepare for the examination of the European Board of Orthodontists" by H.S. Duterloo, P. Palanché.

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